Furnace Filters Delivered to Your Door for Less than Purchasing in the Store
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The Only Furnace Filter that Stops Dust from Bypassing the Frame and Entering Your Ducts

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"I’ve been a customer of AirSafe 2000 Furnace Air Filters for years and would recommend them to anyone. With a dog and 3 cats they filter better than any other product out there." M. Sentell, Knoxville, TN

AirSafe 2000 Furnace Filters are Made in America

Our Furnace Filters are Not Available in Retail Stores!

We manufacture and ship the AirSafe 2000 Furnace Filter right to Your Door.

You can sign up for our convenient never forget when to change them, auto delivery program or purchase a pack of 1, 3, 6 or 12 filters one-time or as you need them.

We believe in options that help you keep the dust in your home filtered like no other furnace filter available today.

No Dust By-Pass Saves Money

No other furnace filter works like ours does to capture more dust and save you money. The Airsafe 2000 Furnace Filter Frame is uniquely designed to prevent air and dust from bypassing. This keeps more dust from entering your AC unit. It also comes with a lifetime frame warranty and 90 day guarantee.

Free Auto Delivery Available

Are you tired of trying to remember when to purchase or change your furnace air filters? We make it easy by offering a FREE auto delivery program that you can custom tailor to fit your needs. We can ship your filters every 1, 2 or 3 months plus it reminds you to change your filters regularly.

Lifetime Warranty Made in America

We manufacture the AirSafe 2000 Furnace Air Filter in Knoxville, TN. Every Frame is hand made and backed by our lifetime frame warranty. No other air filter product features our double dust gasket seal to eliminate bypass of air. Our 3-stage MERV 6 filter media will not restrict air flow.

What our customers are saying...

“I accidentally ordered the wrong size and they were very quick to send out the correct size and a return label for the wrong ones I had ordered.”

— D. B.Chesapeake, VA

“Great product & great service.”

— Cathi, Knoxville, TN

“We recommend AirSafe 2000 Furnace Filters to all our customers. They protect the unit from dust and pet hair, and are quieter than other filters. As a heating and a/c contractor I like the fact they allow good air flow which helps prolong the life of high efficient motors that new systems have.”

— Wade Air Conditioning, Cantonment, FL

“We started using AirSafe 2000 Filters earlier this year and we just love them. The unique frame design makes no noise when the air conditioner comes on like our other filters did. With the old style filters, you could always tell when it came on you could hear the filter being sucked up. Also the amount of dust has decreased which is great which means less dusting. Great Product!!!”

— Shirley Davis, Dover, FL

Frequently Asked Questions

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