Furnace Filters

Childhood Asthma

Sign of woman with air quality and asthma issues

#1 Cause of Asthma in Children I had asthma as a child so I understand it can be difficult to live with. When dust mites affect children, many times parents are not aware since they are invisible. Allergies, we all get them, but when we notice our children tackling more than just a bout with…

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Home Allergy Relief


Home Remedies for Allergies Allergens are everywhere, especially in your home. Did you know that more than a third of all people have allergies? Some only have mild allergies, while others have very severe allergies that can have a serious effect on their respiratory system. If you or someone in your household has allergies, eliminating…

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Changing Furnace Filters

Image of AirSafe 2000 Furnace Filter_starter_pack_small

How often should I change my furnace filters? Changing your furnace filters regularly will help improve your indoor air quality. Using a great furnace air filter will improve it even more. Even the best furnace filter is limited if not properly maintained. Many HVAC furnace filters say they last up to 3-months. This may be…

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Dust Mites

Picture of Household dust mite

Protect Children from Dust Mites Did you know that the #1 cause of asthma among children is dust mites? Believe it or not, it is totally true. They are undeniably today’s leading cause of children’s asthma. Did you know the main culprit of dust mites in your child’s room is stuffed animals? These fluffy toys tend to…

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Household Dust

Picture of Household dust

Household Dust, What is it? I have done a lot of research and many talks on what household dust contains. The answer is, there is no correct answer. Household dust in my home will be different than the dust in your home. If I am a smoker with three dogs, 2 cats, a guinea pig…

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Cheap Furnace Filters

cheap furnace filter image

Cheap Furnace Filters vs. Good Furnace Filters Are you currently using cheap furnace filters? Everyone loves to get stuff cheap but the old adage “you get what you pay for” certainly applies to the furnace filter products that are available today. Cheap furnace filters are available everywhere but are they a good choice for your…

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cheap fiberglass filters

image of cheap fiberglass furnace filters

Fiberglass Air Filters There are many people using fiberglass air filters because they are very inexpensive. I love getting a deal just like everyone. Purchasing fiberglass air filters may be doing more harm than good. The purpose of a furnace filter is to capture dust, allergens, pollen and mold. Capturing these harmful particles will improve…

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Image of mold in home

Mold Health Concerns Health concerns related to the growth of mold in the home and office have been featured heavily in the news. Problems ranging from itchy eyes, coughing and sneezing to serious allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and even the possibility of permanent lung damage can all be caused by mold, which can be found growing…

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Biological Contaminants

Picture of pollen_allergy_suffering furnace filters

What are Biological Contaminants? A biological contaminant can travel through the air. It can be transmitted via contact and are often invisible. Common indoor biological contaminants include bacteria, molds, mildew, viruses, animal dander and cat saliva, house dust mites, cockroaches, and pollen. There are many sources of these pollutants and the effect of a biological contaminant on…

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